Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been awhile!

Sneak Peek!!.....Okay!...This ended up being the first pattern I am working on instead of the girl...He will be called "Pickled faced Pete"...I also am working on a witch, girl with bear and a Raggedy Ann...Hope everyone is doing great and if you are a crafter and do holiday craft shows, you had better get busy!...Time is flying by this summer and before you know it the holiday will be on top of us!!!!


lizziebetliz said...

I really like him!

el donyet de pou said...


Anonymous said...

Dearest Deena,

...Yeeee-Ha!!! just what I've been hoping to see, a Scarecrow! JUST in time too...
Thank YOÜ SEW MÜCH... He's awesome, can't wait for him to make his depue... Think we'll all be anxiously waiting with our machine's revving and our paint bottle ready...LOL! Jeans? I've got 'em saved up and waiting... As usual, Super!
Sorry to have been MIA... Glad to stop in and see you've been happily busy Ü you ARE an Inspiration...

From the bottom of my dolly lovin heart to your~
Mizz Lizzie
mizz lizzie is in a doll tizzie! :~P

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