Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, What's New!

It has been awhile again and many things have happened since I was last on here!...I certainly won't tell you all the stuff that would bore you!...I have gotten some patterns done, but most are just listed on my Etsy site and Pattern Mart.

I have recently signed up for a new free place to sell some of my patterns called Zibbet...You can also get a paid version that has many other features to use, which I will probably do later!...If you make stuff to sell it would be a great place to start out with!!!!...hint...hint Wendy!....Lol....I have made a great friend that lives in Canada that has been buying my doll patterns for a long time and I am trying to get her to sell some of her cuties online....Maybe I will find one to post on here!

Also some New news is Carol my friend that lives in New York has just come out with a line of Handmade soaps called Yummy Pleasures...I will be posting pics of her soap from time to time!

My lastest designs are the Twigs!....I am so excited about these cute little dolls...they can stand or sit...They have wire in their bodies, legs and arms so can be bent in many different ways....The pattern has directions to make their clothes to come off, but that's only if you want to remove them and make different outfits....I will post a couple of pics of them...e pattern is on my Etsy or Pattern Mart!...The shoes I am also selling on my Etsy site and also the doll hair!....The pic above is one of the dolls on the pattern.

Have a wonderful day guys!

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