Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak peek of New E pattern

I worked on a Valentine Twig yesterday and this is what i have so far!....Hmmm I think she needs a boy friend so today I will be working on her Sweet Heart!..This Twig pattern will have some different pieces that will be interchangeable with the other Twig pattern...For one, she has a reg. foot so you can make them sit and wear the doll shoes without putting wire in the leg...She could also use the leg pattern from the other pattern that has a painted boot....I also needle felted the hair on and will have directions in the pattern for doing this...Stay tuned for this pattern to be release sometime this week!


Maritza said...

so hurry up girl!!! I wanto to see it...
also, where can i find the sculpey you use.? you should sell it too.....thank you Maritza Puerto Rico

Deena's Country Hearth said...

Hi Maritza...you can buy it in most craft stores...I buy mine in a big block...Good idea, I should add that to what I offer...I am going to start selling a few more things on the web site...Bought a bolt of the body fabric I will offer since alot of people have trouble finding it!...I am only one person here and have soooo many things to do!...LOL
the new pattern should be out by tomorrow night!

Maritza said...

Hi Denna!!!
I just bought both of your new patterns.!!!! Love them....I will like to buy some shoes from you. I will like to know the shipping charges to Puerto Rico.. Regular mail if possible... im goint to check your page to see them. Have a good week!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eu amo suas bonecas!!!!!!!!

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