Friday, October 1, 2010

Check out this site!

I just joined a new place to advertise my patterns and maybe a doll or two if I ever get any made!...This site although pretty new, I think will be a good one!....It is pretty much like Etsy in a way....It has to be handmade or be supplies to make the products... I think they let you have Vintage too!...If looking for somewhere else to sell your dolls they have a free version also that lets you list up to 25's worth checking out!

Now that I finally got the first couple of Pickled faced doll patterns done I am working on the Raggedy and the Santa...If life allows me the time, I hope to get them done in a week or so!

Can you believe it is October 1st!...Yikes!...I have so much to get done!

Hope your day is going good and you are getting lots of dolls made!

Sneak Peek of the new Annie!
This one has a new leg with a smaller foot, New Sleeve, new head and of course a little doll pattern!


Sharlene said...

this is so cute Deena, can't wait for her!!!

Maritza said...

Is there a patten for these one? i love her
can I have her? please??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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